5 08, 2016

Driving Under Suspension, Warrant Block

By | August 5th, 2016|Driving Offenses|

DRIVING UNDER SUSPENSION, WARRANT BLOCKS Another way to earn an Ohio license suspension is to have a Warrant Block. You can find this suspension at Ohio Revised Code Section 4503.13. What is unique about this suspension is that it is not really a suspension, but a block. A municipal court can send a report to [...]

3 08, 2016

Charged with a misdemeanor?

By | August 3rd, 2016|Driving Offenses, Drug Offenses, Misdemeanor Offenses|

A misdemeanor charge, of any kind, can be scary.  It is a charge to be taken seriously and requires thoughtful defense to minimize the impact on your life. Attorney Mark Babb is a successful criminal defense attorney who can defend you in court if you are charged with the following misdemeanor charges: Misdemeanors Assault Theft [...]