Ohio Drug Suspension – New Law in Effect

Ohio Drug Suspension – New Law in Effectdriving-hands

Ohio Drug Suspension:  Effective September 13, 2016, Ohio judges are no longer required to suspend the drivers license of anyone convicted of a drug crime.  Under the old law the drug suspension was mandatory for six months to three years, even if the crime had nothing to do with a car.  Now the suspension is discretionary.

License suspensions for drug convictions are bad policy!  

Without a drivers license, recovering addicts are ham-stringed in their ability to find and maintain employment, be a responsible parent and family member, or even attend therapy and drug treatment classes.  Addictions take their toll on families and communities, not just the addict.  Let’s help people overcome addictions by supporting them in their recovery.  Mandatory drivers license suspensions (drug suspensions) are counterproductive, and sometimes all but force a person to decide to break the law by driving under the suspension or not being responsible by not showing up to work or picking up kids from school.

I believe that most Ohio judges will use their discretion to NOT impose drivers license suspensions on those convicted of drug crimes.  They have seen first hand the futility of license suspensions in general.  It’s not as if we have public transportation sufficient to allow people to not drive.

No Mandatory Ohio Drug Suspension!

Good job Ohio, for passing laws that help us support our citizens!   Keep up the good work!

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